I started my career in London, initially working in a City Trading House, where I learnt the fundamental skills and nuances of high-intensity selling. Thereafter, I ran my own highly successful recruitment business in London for several years.

For over 25 years I have been a Partner at Creative Intelligence, a brand and design consultancy where my role is Director of Business Development. Working with companies in UK, Europe and the Middle East I have extensive experience negotiating with both large and small business owners and understand the challenges they face. 

Today, using my “Back to Basics” methodology, I work with small and medium sized companies helping them to leverage greater efficiency and enhanced performance from their frontline sales and customer service staff

Georgina Kelly Sales Trainer

Are you achieving the best from your people?

If not, you need to go “Back to Basics”. With my help you can increase your sales and enhance your customer satisfaction. My mission is to Empower your people to achieve Faster results Together as a Team

A proven training solution for real world challenges

“Back to Basics” is a simple approach geared to empowering and energizing people to reach their full potential. I intuit what employers and their teams need in order to raise their game and grow to the next level I work with groups from 4 to 25 people and employ a holistic approach that is interactive and incorporates role play, videos and presentations.

Performance & Growth

I offer teams a channel for clarity and for them to see where they can grow. I help sales and customer service managers increase productivity and create success through building solid confident teams. I help companies increase their turnover using their existing human capital I empower people by re-energizing the skills they may already have but have forgotten and help them become more efficient and productive. I offer simple techniques and tricks-of-the-trade to increase interface ability and instill confidence.

To be honest, I didn’t want to attend, as I didn’t think it was for me and I had a very busy diary that week. I respected you when you said not everyone would want to be here but give me until the end of the first morning and then see how you feel. I was blown away by the end of the first day and I stayed right to the end of the 2nd day. You have a wonderful way of explaining information and the fact you have walked in my shoes, earns my respect too as a Management Executive.
Sales Director age 52