Little Gems of Courage

Little Gems of Courage

And she’s off………………………. But to where?

They say a journey begins with one small step.  In my case, the journey began in 2018 very tentatively and I’m now ready to march full steam ahead in 2019.

2019 is the year I grow my fledgeling Sales & Customer Service Training into a proper business.  I’ve made a list of what’s needed and when looking at it in its entirety it looks daunting but by breaking it down into bite size pieces, it’s all doable in January.   I’m learning to reach out and ask for help which is unusual as I’m so used to just getting on with stuff myself.

It takes courage to start a business, it takes courage to believe in yourself and it takes courage to ask for help.  I have a feeling I’m going need all the courage I can muster although being a Leo we are supposed to be born with bucketsful of the stuff if you believe astrology.

Courage is a very undervalued commodity, especially in sales.  Every day men and women put themselves on the front line and do their best to cajole, entice, beguile or humour people to buy a product or service.  No matter what troubles they may have in their lives, they still get up every day with a positive attitude and put themselves on display and dig deep down for the courage in the hope and anticipation that today is the day, they will land that successful contract, sell thousands of units or win the client of the year……….

It can be a daunting process to be dismissed with the wave of a hand or be cut off mid-sentence and even worse is to be invisible when you walk into a room people pretend, they just don’t see you.  Yet the courageous will pick up their mental staff and say if not today, then tomorrow ……

I admire people who have courage so here’s to more courage in the world and may we all have more of it in 2019.