Salesforce Empowerment

It’s my belief most of the people in any organisation is a potential sales person.

They may not have the title or be in a dedicated sales department however many are interacting with potential clients daily. Best practice sales are what we all strive for but unless we are taught how to sell a product or service professionally, how will you know if your staff are doing it the right way and handling enquiries and meeting in such a way as to invite a successful outcome.

I train individual entrepreneurs, small and large teams on how to handle and source new business, dealing with telesales, conducting one on meetings, handling objections, building confidence, being aware of local market and commercial conditions, how to mentor and help colleagues, how to think creatively, why continuous learning is important and much more. I provide a total holistic approach to learning that works time and again and will last a lifetime.

Thoroughly enjoyed the program and even though I have 18 years sales experience under my belt, you have given me great ideas and the skills to mentor my own sales team.
Divisional Sales Manager Age 47